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necklace, jacket, top, skirt, boots

I must confess, I’m a small town girl at heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the city, but it’s nice to have small reminders of home. Perhaps this is why I love cowboy boots so much. Believe me, I would live in them if I could. My favourite pair of cowboy boots are these Old Gringo gems. The dusky blue colour stands out without being too over the top, which makes these the perfect pair of blue boots.

may 8 blog 13I don’t think I have ever loved a skirt this much. The vivid colours and pattern on this piece make it a total knock-out. Most importantly, however, is that this skirt has an elastic waist and pockets. Adorable and practical, the best of both worlds!

may 8 blog 9

I finished my outfit off with a classic denim jacket, a simple black tank top, and a Pyrrha necklace. I know I’ve posted about Pyrrha before, but I cannot express how much I love their jewelry. This necklace is my personal favourite, and I find it goes with just about everything.

may 8 blog 12

may 8 blog 10

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Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget, the key to a great outfit is to have fun!


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