It’s been a tough year. We’ve lost Prince, David Bowie, and several other influential and inspiring individuals. There has been a worldwide influx of senseless violence. There have also been several events that prove that racism, sexism, and discrimination of social and cultural groups are still desperately prevalent issues.

I repeat. It’s been a tough year.

I am kind of an emotional person. Which usually just means that I tear up when I watch MasterChef Junior or the Olympics, but it also means that I sometimes end up feeling like the sadness in the world is just too overwhelming. It’s tough because I wish I could just magically reach out and make people understand that hate is a choice, not a necessity. But I’m not Hermione Granger, so I can’t.

A few weeks ago I was flipping through Instagram when I saw a lovely picture that one of my favourite bloggers had posted. Underneath that post I found a stream of negative comments and judgements that were quite uncalled for. I kept seeing comments like this and a thought just hit me: things kind of suck, we should be lifting each other up, not pulling each other down.

It seems like an obvious thought . But it has really stuck with me. I mean, we’re all here on this earth and we are all trying to do our best, so why focus on bringing other people down?

Ever since I’ve had this epiphany I’ve been trying to spread more positivity. Maybe it isn’t accomplishing much, but I’ve been sending people positive messages, and telling people how much I care for them. If it hasn’t helped them, it’s helped me.

I find that by focusing on the positives of other people, I can see that there are so many amazing things everywhere you look. Here are a few things I’ve noticed:

  • If you head over to YouTube you will find thousands of gorgeous girls and guys who are brilliant at doing makeup and will literally teach you to contour… for free! These individuals are so talented and they are willing to share their knowledge with you. That’s pretty great.
  • If you turn on the Olympics you will find athletes who can do incredible things with their bodies. You will find people who have worked tirelessly to achieve success and national pride for their country.
  • Snapchat is home to a ton of people who can rock a butterfly crown like nobodies business. And we live in a world where that is a sentence that I can say, which in and of itself is an accomplishment.
  • If you look at Instagram you’ll find a ton of people who are fantastic photographers. You’ll see people who are feeling their look. People who are accomplished artists. People who can’t help but share images of their children and pets because they just love them so much. I once heard it said that people take pictures of the things they love the most. Isn’t it incredible that there is a platform in which people can share images of their favourite things?

You see, there are so many people out there who are just amazing. So let’s take some time and look at that. Take note of the good stuff. It often outweighs the bad stuff.

And just remember that spreading negativity is not nearly as fun as spreading positivity. Go out there and tell that person you love their green hair, or their cool shirt, or their awesome taste in music. We’re all fighting a battle, and those simple words of kindness can often make a difference. Even if it’s just a small one.

DSC_0025 (1)_edited

This bag is the happiest item in my closet. It’s a great conversation starter and it really makes me smile. It doubles as a cooler, which  possibly makes it the best bag ever. You can shop this whole outfit by following the hyperlinks below.

bag, hat, necklace, ring, blouse, jeans,sneakers






DSC_0035 (1)_edited

DSC_0008 (1)_edited




Much love,

Kaylin J.



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