With the weather getting colder layers have become absolutely essential. I recently had the opportunity to shop with StyleWe. It was my first time visiting their website and I was impressed with the vast selection of items. The sizing on the website is different than usual Canadian and U.S. sizing, but the website posts convenient size converters with each item, so it’s easy to find out which size you should be ordering. My items arrived quickly and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of each piece. StyleWe also had excellent customer service, making sure that my package was delivered successfully.


The first piece that I ordered was this super cozy sweater. It’s a wool blend sweater, but it is so soft and not itchy at all. I styled this piece with a classic chambray top, distressed jeggings, fringe booties, and a choker. I love the comfort and simplicity of this outfit. It’s perfect for a day out with friends, or a casual night at the movies.



You can shop this sweater here for under $50.


The second piece I ordered was this incredible jacket. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this layer. It fits perfectly and the colours are so vibrant. It’s very well-made and it’s something that I’ll be able to wear for years. I styled this piece with a tulle skirt (that my mom made for me), a graphic tee, red booties, and a fun lip.






You can buy this jacket here for less than $50.


Kaylin J.


Sweater: https://www.stylewe.com/product/camel-casual-wool-blend-geometric-cape-67316.html

Jacket: https://www.stylewe.com/product/black-abstract-3-4-sleeve-polyester-embroidered-cropped-jacket-19368.html

Site: https://www.stylewe.com/



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