I did a big closet purge this summer. And I mean big. I started looking at all of the items that I was packing up to sell and so many of them had only been worn a handful of times. This taught me a lot. Mainly that I need to make smarter decisions about the way I shop. When I was a poor student my rule of thumb was to wear something at least once per dollar spent on the item. So if I bought a $30 top, I would try to wear that item approximately 30 times minimum. This kind of went out the window when I started making a steady income and working at a higher end retail store. It became less about what I could wear for a long time and more about what I wanted to wear now. I think I need to get back to that student mentality. Shop smart so that you can shop less. This will save you money, time, and closet space. I’m still learning how to do this, but I’ve figured a couple things out.

First of all, build your wardrobe with practical pieces you will wear all of the time. My closet, for example, consists of a lot of business casual clothes that will still allow me to do things like choreography and climbing ladders. I think it’s really important to fit your wardrobe to your lifestyle. My wardrobe needs changed when I switched careers and that’s ok. I can still incorporate some of my dressier items that I previously bought into my life, but when I buy new things I really try to see if they will fit my current wardrobe needs. A.K.A. I can’t just buy things because they are beautiful.

The next thing I’m trying to do is buy clothes that are a little more timeless. I love a good trend and I always want to jump all in, but this is something I’m trying to fight against. There are a few pieces that will never let you down:

1. A solid pair of black jeans or pants.

2. A classic leather (or vegan leather) jacket. I’ve had the one I’m wearing in these photos for 4 years.

3. A good quality denim jacket in a classic wash. These are pretty easy to find secondhand if you want to save your wallet and the planet.

4. A pair of brown, tan, or black dress shoes that you love. The clogs I’m wearing are from Free People and go with everything.

5. A solid colored tee. I really like to get my basics from Frank and Oak. I find that they are better quality and last a lot longer than any other t-shirt I’ve owned. The one I’m wearing is from Frank and Oak and I got it during one of their sales a while back.

6. A statement piece. This means something different to everyone. I personally love a piece with a fun texture or print. You don’t need a lot of statement items in your wardrobe. I know this sounds totally bizarre coming from me because I love a good statement piece, but if it’s not really your thing I still urge you to add at least one special item to your wardrobe. A while back I found that my wardrobe had too many special items and not enough basics. It’s really important to strike that balance.

I’m not going to link the items I’m wearing in my post. I think that defeats the purpose. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you should be able to look at your wardrobe and feel like you have options. I’m not wearing anything brand new in these photos, instead I’m using the items that I’ve collected over the years to create a look that still feels fresh. I know looking at blogs can sometimes make you feel like your wardrobe (or sometimes life) is insufficient and I want to get away from that. Sometimes you just need to clear out your closet from all those clothes you just don’t care for anymore, take a deep breath, look at what you have left, remember that you are awesome, and mix those pieces together. You don’t need to wear something new to look amazing. Instagram, blogs, and Pinterest should be used as outfit inspiration, not product inspiration. I think we all need to (especially me) work on being more content with ourselves and our wardrobes.

Thanks for reading!

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