Hello, Yellow!


Hello everyone!

It’s been a looong time since I last posted, so I’m here to give you a little life update.

1. I got a cat! We rehomed him a few months ago. We named him Lupin after Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. He loves to follow us around the house and play with his tunnels. He is the first real pet I’ve ever had, and honestly the adjustment hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. If you check my Insta Stories you will see him make quite a few appearances. It turns out I’m kind of a cat lady.

2. I got, and recovered from, severe cystic acne. I think this one deserves its own post, so I won’t go into too many details right now. But this is one of the reasons I’ve been a bit AWOL.

3. I started taking more time for myself. For the past three and a half years I’ve worked two jobs. I really enjoyed them both, but it also meant that I was working seven days a week. I finally reached the realization that this just wasn’t sustainable for me and my happiness, so I decided to leave my second job and spend more time with my family. I now have time to run errands, exercise, read, and get enough sleep.

4. I cut my hair! I’ve had long hair for the past ten years, and I really did love it. But after it took me almost an hour just to wash and brush my hair one day (I didn’t even brush it), I knew I was absolutely ready to make a big change. I cut off over a foot of hair and I haven’t looked back since. My morning routine is so much easier and I no longer have to worry about setting aside enough time to wash my hair.

I think that’s it for updates!


sweater  , jeans, shoes, hat

This yellow sweater is an absolute gem! Yellow is my happy colour. Every time I wear it I feel like I can take on anything. This sweater is particularly fantastic because it’s comfortable and it’s from a company that values sustainable, high quality fabrics. I’ve purchased a few items from them and they’ve all exceeded my expectations. This is not sponsored, by the way, I just really love their products. The yellow colour is sold out, but I’ve linked the same sweater in lilac.











Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what topics you would like to see me cover in the comments.



Jumpsuit for Joy


I absolutely love jumpsuits. They are as easy to outfit as dresses, but provide the security of pants. Not to mention, most of them are incredibly comfortable. This particular jumpsuit has been a favourite of mine this summer. The light, breathable fabric is absolutely perfect for those hot days. I decided to pair this jumpsuit with a classic denim jacket and white sneakers.

I’m also obsessed with this gorgeous bag from Shop Murphy. It’s the perfect shade of blush pink and it fits everything that I need. I paired it with a handkerchief for a more personalized look, but it’s absolutely adorable on it’s own as well.


jacket, jumpsuit, belt, bracelets, ringbag, scarf, shoes










Kaylin J.

Fifties Flair

yellow dress (7)_edited

I am so excited to talk to you about my experience shopping with http://www.eshakti.com. While browsing eShakti’s selection of dresses, I fell head over heels for this 1950’s inspired frock. I absolutely love the fit and flare style and the gorgeous hue. What really impressed me about eShakti was that nearly every element of this dress was customizable. I was able to have the dress tailored to my exact measurements and I adjusted the length to hit at my knee. I was also given the option to change the sleeves and eliminate the pockets on the dress. I chose to keep those two elements the same. The dress arrived really quickly and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the garment. I would definitely order from eShakti again!

yellow dress (63)_edited

yellow dress (56)_edited

yellow dress (13)_edited

yellow dress (26)_edited

yellow dress (54)_edited

yellow dress (23)_edited


Pretty in Pattern

The Old and the New

blue dress (59)_edited

earrings, necklace, shawl, dress, bag, shoes

This outfit is all about incorporating the old with the new. I purchased these earrings, necklace, and shawl over a year ago, and I have been wearing them on repeat ever since. The items I have linked are not exact, but they are very similar to the pieces I am wearing. I purchased this bag a few months back and I have used it almost every day since. I love that it can hold everything that I need to tote to and from work while making me feel like a modern day Mary Poppins. This dress and these shoes are newer additions to my closet, but I love that they fit in so well with my existing wardrobe.

blue dress (21)_edited

blue dress (14)_edited

blue dress (86)_edited

blue dress (77)_edited


Pretty in Pattern

Winter Wonder

nov 28 blog 12

earrings, necklace, dress, tights, boots

As much as I have been dreading winter, the snow sure is beautiful! I absolutely had to celebrate by wearing my new favourite dress. I love the floral pattern, colour combo and the bell sleeves that make up this lovely dress. This necklace and these earrings go with everything. and these tights are super thick and durable. These boots are from last year, but I’ve linked a similar pair. Happy holiday season!

nov 27 blog 3

nov 28 blog 11

nov 28 blog 9

nov 28 blog 6

nov 28 blog 7

nov 28 blog 8

nov 28 blog 15


Pretty in Pattern

Layers on Layers

oct 8 14

hat, scarf, necklace, tunic, jeans, booties

I LOVE Halloween. I’ve been reading mystery novels and watching scary movies all month, which may have inspired my outfit for this post. With my orange nailpolish and long black layers, I’m ready to join the Addam’s family. This tunic is one of my favourite pieces, I love the asymmetrical hemline. I paired it with this scarf, which is so incredibly soft, and this super versatile hat. The jeans and booties that I’m wearing are old favourites, but I’ve linked very similar pieces.

oct 8 7

oct 8 8

oct 8 20

oct 8 18

oct 8 15

oct 8 6

oct 8 3

oct 8 12

oct 8 4

oct 8 10


Pretty in Pattern


august 21 blog 18

sunglasses, necklace, jacket, sweater, boots

Fall fashion is officially here!!! The stores are stocked with layering essentials and the weather is getting cool enough to wear them. I have been pining after this jacket for weeks and now that it’s getting colder, I decided to take the plunge. It’s incredibly soft and it looks great with just about everything. While I was picking up this jacket I stumbled across this super cozy sweater. I put a slip underneath of it so that I could wear it as a dress, but it looks great with pants as well. These sunglasses are a new favourite of mine, they make me feel super sassy, which is always a good thing. I topped this look off with this fun statement necklace and a pair of boots that I bought on super sale last spring. These exact shoes are no longer available but I’ve linked a similar pair of boots here. Happy fall everyone!

august 21 blog 11

august 21 blog 12

august 21 blog 19

august 21 blog 8

august 21 blog 5

august 21 blog 7


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